Every sulaimani must be made with a pinch of love. When you drink it, the world should move slow… and then pause.



kozhikode is famous for its sweet dessert called the Kozhikode ‘Halwa’. It’s a thick translucent dark-colored dessert made of white flour, palm jaggery and coconut oil cooked over a long period of time. The result is a gelatinous mass that is sold in big square chunks. While the dark brown halwa uses jaggery, the orange and yellow varieties use sugar. They are all flavored with cardamom and garnished with nuts and taste of an awesome burst of unforgettable flavor! Almost every shop sells this sweetmeat in Kozhikode.



Being a coastal city, there are a variety of fresh seafood dishes that are worth every mouthful. You could have any of these local spicy dishes with the paper thin ‘pathiris’ that are shaped like chapattis but made of finely ground rice powder.



Kallummakkai or Mussels are another specialties of the cuisine of Kozhikode. The place is a coastal area, mussels are cultivated in special farms in and around the Malabar area. Mussels are prepared in many ways in the Muslim households using the native spices, especially black pepper. You must try some dishes made with Mussels while in Kozhikode.

Milk sarbath

milk sarbath

Milk Sarbath is one of the most popular street-food you must try in Kozhikode. As anyone can guess, milk is the main ingredient along with sugar, sabja seeds, and Nannari syrup. The entire mix tastes heavenly and also cools your body during the summer season and hence is a popular street-food in Kozhikode.